Dog PLAYS DEAD, he don’t go home, want to play in park

A dog-owner was left in a very awkward spot in a crowded park when his dog refused to leave the park and go home. To make things worse for the owner, the entire ordeal became an entertaining pastime for the spectators who didn’t leave a single chance to crack jokes and cheer the dog!

In this video, we see Dad trying to pull his dog by the leash. But the dog stays frozen on the ground. He barely moves a muscle as Dad keeps tugging at him. When Dad walks up to him, the smart canine ups his game by going all in and playing dead!

Dad is hilariously left hanging as the spectators roll in laughter and embarrass Dad with some really juicy jokes. “Excuse me sir, but I think your dog is broken”, a wisecrack remarks cheekily. Poor Dad is so exhausted with the power struggle with his dog, that he realizes that it’s time to switch tactics.

Dad removes the dog’s leash and starts walking away. The dog is stumped and instantly sits up when he sees Dad leaving him alone. He knows that the game is over now. He dejectedly starts running to Dad while the spectators cheer on wildly! Well played, Dad!

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