Dog Play Everyday Over Fence With His Favorite Neighbor Kid

Dogs and children always share a special bond. This adorable video from Minnesota shows a cute little one playing with the neighbor’s dog, despite the long siege in the backyard between them!

In video, we see the little girl throwing the ball over the fence. The neighbor’s dog, Dozer, is waiting on the other side. The dozer was seen jumping over the fence to pull the ball! He skillfully holds the ball and bends his head from the fence to throw the ball back to the little girl!

The toddler is elated to get the ball back and goes in for a second round. He swings the ball to Dozer again and the eager dog hops around until he retrieves it. Their entire routine is so cute that we’re left smiling as they go on and on with their fetch-over-the-fence game!

When the little girl is not around, Dozer still beats around the fence, often throwing a ball or two to get attention and invite his friend to play. It seems like the Living Doctor waits all day to enjoy a fun game with his favorite kid! Good luck!

Click the video below to see the adorable game of Dozer and the little one from over the fence!

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