Dog loves to drive tractors and help on farm

Rambo Golden Retriever has developed a unique advantage for agriculture. This 6-year-old poke from Northern Ireland is so passionate about agriculture that he has even learned how to drive a tractor to perfection!

Owner Albert Reid, 66 years old, was amazed by his dog’s impatience to help around the farm, so he gradually taught him to also use barking and mowing. Very soon, Rambo became a huge attraction of the crowds, as the shocked locals who heard about him came to see him grazing lawn, plowing the field, harvesting corn and pruning like a real farmer!

Rambo has a little question why. He refuses to get into vehicles alone, and instead insists that his father place him on his coveted seat. How adorable! In addition to his skills in farming, Rambo is also known for being a hospitable and friendly dog.

There was an incident when a little girl who was scared of dogs found herself near Rambo. Nevertheless, with Rambo’s special charm, the little girl started playing with him within minutes!

Rambo is also a loving father to his 4 little puppies. Albert is amazed at how convinced and loyal Rambo is. It seems that this good guy makes his father very happy and proud!

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