Dog Like a Mom Covers Sleeping Baby

If dogs are “man’s best friend,” it’s only natural for these special relationships to begin at a young age. Science suggests that dogs can actually smell when a newborn is tied to “their pack leader.” This explains why most dogs form an appendix to a newborn brought home.

In this 32 second video, a tiny newborn is sleeping on the sofa. The infant is lying on his tummy in just a diaper. He is mostly uncovered and this is NOT OKAY with his doggy sibling. His pup walks over and with her snout, she nudges the couch and blanket until “her” baby is warm and snuggly.

This type of education is expected of a parent, but to see this from a family dog is so sudden and sweet. Especially since the dog lacks the figures to do more tasks, however he has figured out how to achieve something so adorable and adorable – and is taking care of the little kid she already adores.I promise you, watching this will be the sweetest 32 seconds of your day! And don’t forget to share this with family and friends. Keeping yourself would be a little selfish mistake, forgive me.


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