Dog Jumps Into The Lake And Rescues A Baby Deer

Reality shows that dogs can be real heroes. They have an amazing ability to detect and rescue someone in an emergency. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or an animal. This was demonstrated when one dog jumped into the water to rescue a deer in the middle of the lake. Ralph Dorn, a retired Marine Corps pilot from Virginia, owns a Goldendoodle named Harley. They were in a lake near the house and suddenly Ralph could not find his dog anywhere.


And he noticed that Harley was in the water and swam in the middle of the lake. But up close, Ralph realized that Harley wasn’t alone and understood why the dog was in the water.

In the middle of the lake, a beautiful deer tried to come up to land. Harley went to rescue the deer, and as she approached the abandoned animal, she began to return the deer to dry land. “I don’t know how the cub got there, but Harley seems to have walked into the water without asking why,” Ralph wrote on Facebook.

The two returned to shore. Ralph said the deer mom is back to pick up her baby. The owner was very proud of his heroic dog. Even after returning to land, Harley continued to protect the fawn. “Harley didn’t want to leave the deer,” Ralph told People. “He continued to communicate, lick and care for the deer.” But Harley and the deer continued their conversation.

The next morning, Ralph noticed Harley’s concern, and looked out the front door to see the deer Harley had seen again. “The boy started waving his tail and touching his nose and sniffing at each other, Harley came home quietly with me,” Ralph wrote. They had a brief and touching reunion, as if a reindeer stopped by to thank once again for saving Harley’s life. Then the deer left again with her mother.

Harley’s story goes viral, and Ralph’s Facebook post has been published over 253,000 times. Ralph says he’s glad that the story has touched so many people, but Harley’s heroism didn’t surprise him. He says Harley is a service dog that worked with the elderly and children. “We knew immediately that he had such a kind heart even when he was a puppy,” Ralph told People. Such a touching story. Don’t forget to let us know what you think and share stories with friends and family on social media to make their day great.