Dog Howl During Video Call With Family & Tries To “Meet” Them From Screen

Many family members are trapped in different places due to quarantine. While various people are unable to return home, video calls have been a real life for families who miss their loved ones. For a Pug named Lilo, these video calls have become a strong emotional issue!

Lilo’s human sisters are living with their aunt in a different city while the Pug is at home with Mom in Escondido. Whenever her sisters video call her, Lilo gets all teary eyed and she conveys her feelings of loneliness with soft sobs. Lilo misses them a lot, and she would do anything to bring them home!

During one such video call, Lilo was struck with a mad idea. The excited pup thought they she could “extract” her siblings from the laptop screen. Lilo even walked behind the laptop to see if her sisters were there! Finally, she started whimpering in frustration and vigorously pawed at the laptop screen to send her love to her sisters!

It is said that stacks are very sensitive to the emotions of their family, which is why they can always assess the mood of their owners. We hope that Lilo will bravely endure this difficult period of separation. We bet she’ll have a fantastic reunion with her sisters when the jam is over!


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