Dog Happy Reacts, When She Learns That She Doesn’t Have Cancer

One of the most dreaded experiences for any pet owner is to witness the declining health of their pets. The Golden Retriever in this video is Lily, whose family had a major scare when the vet found a tumor on her spleen.

After the tumor diagnosis, Lily’s health deteriorated further each day with internal bleeding and anemia. When Lily was completely incapacitated, the family begged the vet to help her somehow. The vet agreed to remove the tumor, but warned the family that the surgery would only buy Lily some time.

The family was asked to mentally prepare themselves to let Lily go. After the emergency surgery, the vet sent the tumor to be tested. Speaking from her 25-year experience, the vet asked the family to not get their hopes up. There was a 90 percent chance that the tumor was from an aggressive form of cancer, but Lily’s family still hoped for a miracle.

The family’s prayers worked, as the vet called them up to inform that the tumor was surprisingly benign and non-cancerous! Lily wasn’t going anywhere! This video captures the precious moment when Mom conveys the cancer test results to Lily. Our hearts leap with joy as we see Lily’s face shift from anxiety to happiness. Congratulations, sweet girl! Have a long and healthy life!


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