Dog Devotes Her Life To Help The Girl Walk and Sister Finally Walked

Maya was still an infant when she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Her parents broke up as they watched Maya fight every day. When they saw a picture of a dog with a stack called Abby, they immediately adopted it to give Maya a much-needed company.

Since Abby was born with a lost stack, she immediately felt Maya’s difficulties. From then on, Abby would constantly tail the Peak to keep it safe and support it whenever she had a hard time.

Over the years, Maya and Abby became inseparable sisters. Maya would want Abby by her side at all times. She would break down and start panicking whenever she couldn’t see Abby. But with Abby around, Maya was just as chirpy and happy as any 5-year-old would be.

Abby was never trained as a therapy dog, but she instinctively knew only the right things to do to help Maja overcome her obstacles. Maya was never able to walk, so Abby would support her lean on her and try to take small steps with her buds.

One lucky day, with the help of glasses, Maja took a few steps on her own! Maya cried with joy as she cried out for her happiness. However, it was Abby who had the best reaction. Abby was so excited that she celebrated with happy jumps. She looked at Maja with proud eyes and cheered him on to move on. Very close wonderful pair! Maya is definitely lucky to have Abby by her side!


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