Dog Crying For Help After Being Hit by a Car

Phoenix once faced euthanasia, but now he spends his days with his new loving family and doggy sibling, and his nights snuggled up in his own comfy bed.

Phoenix was rushed to Northeast Animal Shelter’s partner shelter in Georgia after he was shot in the face and leg, hit by a car, and left to die.

As if that wasn’t already awful enough, he was also severely malnourished and dehydrated, and his right front leg was paralyzed and needed to be amputated.

He was facing euthanasia because the shelter he was taken to was unable to treat severe injuries like his, but thankfully Northeast Animal Shelter was able to get Phoenix the life-saving surgeries that he needed.

Two volunteers from Northeast shelter then drove to Georgia to pick him up. Once he was fully recovered, he was placed for adoption.

It didn’t take long for a wonderful couple to fall in love with him and open up their hearts and home for him.

Phoenix has had a rough road, but his story proves that a will to live can go a long way. Thankfully, Phoenix wasn’t euthanized and got a second chance at life. He is extremely resilient and has defied all the odds.

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