Dog Cries During Rescue After Being Chained

Dogs are very affectionate animals. This pure being offers people only unconditional love and loyalty. But they are often abused in return. Unfortunately, today more and more so-called owners are treating their dogs as disposables or worse!

With so many puppies trapped in this heartbreaking situation, rescue organizations simply cannot save them all. But at least they are working! Fortunately, this adorable Fox Terrier is one of those dogs that got a second chance thanks to the hard work of diligent people.

When Victor Larkhill, the fonder of Let’s Adopt International, received a call of a dog found in desperate need of help, he jumped into a car and drove there. Immediately after he and his volunteer team arrived in the Spanish town of Cartel, where the poor dogs were kept, they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Immediately after arriving at the scene, the rescue team discovered the puppy. She was sitting next to a wall, shackled. With his fur tangled up on his body, it was clear that this helpless soul had been completely ignored by its mindless owners. That wasn’t enough, the poor baby also had a sizable tumor that prevented her from sitting down.

But despite all the torture she’s been through, this angel is still very friendly with Victor and his team. Like she knew they were there to save her. When Victor approached her, you could easily see the cuteness in her eyes. She immediately began licking her savior’s hand and wagging her tail.

If anyone can imagine, the poor dog had no name. Needless to say, she has been chained since she was a few months old puppy. First the rescuers untie the chains from her neck and give her a name. Her name was Maria. When finally free, the dog’s reaction is heartbreaking. She just started crying. It was an irresistible moment for everyone.