Disabled Dogs From Shelters Visit The Beach In Wheelchairs For First Time

The Moroccan Animal Shelter SFT has decided to give a gift to the dogs with a disability. They brought them to the beach to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. Almost all furry friends are known to love the beach.

All that hard ground, the sand to run and dig, and of course all the sticks to pick up and throw. It’s nice to see these clean dogs running around each in their own wheelchair. Sahara, Rzala and happy puppies on the beach.

It’s always a great opportunity to educate people and entertain our babies.” The shelter has been viewed more than 1,300 times since it was uploaded on September 15th. .

Most puppies have had a hard life, like a little Caesar who was hit by a train and lost his hind legs and tail. Unfortunately, Caesar was left nearly dead and after a painful few days he was finally transported to the SFT.

Shelter wrote on its Facebook page: We know it. We want everyone to know this.”


Watch the moving video here :