Determined woman asks only for 3 months to breeder who wants to put down pup that cant walk

All dogs are special. Regardless of their disabilities, dogs are the most loyal, beautiful creatures on the planet. When this puppy was born and his legs were too weak to hold him up, he was given up on. The breeder wanted to put him down but a special woman stepped up and decided to dedicate all of her time to try and help the puppy.

While the puppy was weak, he was otherwise okay. He seemed happy. He could lie on his chest and tummy and paddle around. He could roll over too. You could see the determination in his little face. He wanted to move and run– and maybe with the help of his new human, he would get there.

His owner cooks him very healthy food from scratch. She understands that nutrients are very important, especially when trying to build up strength. The little puppy loves her cooking.

With special exercises and at-home physical therapy, the pup learns to stand up. He’s so desperate to take steps and he tries, but usually falls over. It’s amazing though! He’s definitely making progress! Look at him go!

The pup’s progress is remarkable. He’s still working hard and is determined to run one day. He can take more steps now than he could several weeks ago. He’s getting stronger every day!

Can we send this special pup our well-wishes and prayers so he can run and play to his heart’s content? Let’s also give a shout out to his wonderful human for saving his life and devoting so much time to him. Click play on the video below to watch the sweet puppy.

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