Deployed Dad Sends A Smelly T-Shirt Home For His Dog, And He Adorably Freaks Out

JD Aument and his wife, Rachel, rescued their dog, named Brindle, from a shelter when he was just a little puppy.

They brought him to their Pennsylvania home, where Brindle fit right in and instantly developed a bond with JD. The two of them grew to be inseparable.

So when JD, an Army reserve firefighter, had to be deployed overseas, Brindle was absolutely gutted by his absence. Of course Brindle didn’t understand where JD was, so he moped around the house and was very sad without him.

That’s when JD thought of a genius idea to help Brindle feel closer to him. JD mailed one of his t-shirts home, so that Brindle would be able to cuddle with his scent.

As soon as Rachel gave Brindle the shirt, he immediately recognized JD’s smell. Rachel caught his reaction on video, which wound up going viral.

Brindle sniffed the shirt, wagged his tail and rolled his body all over it. He then snuggled with it and wouldn’t let it leave his sight. Rachel even put the shirt on Brindle so he could sleep with it.

From that moment on, Brindle was so much happier. Although he still missed his dad, he now had a piece of him with him until it was time for him to come back home. When JD finally did come back home, Brindle was ecstatic to be back with his human.

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