Delicate Golden Retriever Became “Mom” To Baby Rabbits

After the four rescued rabbits arrive home, Bailey the Golden Retriever takes care of the rabbits as if they were his own. Judging by the way the baby bunnies ran up to him, it seemed they believed he was their mother! Rabbits love to snuggle with him and even share food with him. The adorable images of the golden retriever taking care of the baby rabbits have captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. The video showcases the wonderful mating relationship between Bailey the Golden Retriever and four 22-day-old rabbits.

The furry family lives in Costa del Sol, Spain, with owner Taras, who likes to share videos with Bailey on their YouTube channel. Their videos are so popular that they now have over 274,000 subscribers! The video, which now has over 9 million views, shows little rabbits approaching Bailey and cuddling under his fur and between his feet.

Bailey may be male, but Taras sees the rabbits huddled around him and believes “the rabbits think of the golden retriever as their mother.”

“Look at the little rabbits lying next to Bailey so maybe they thought he was their mother,” the video caption read.

Taras told Daily Star Online that the rabbits, along with their mother Charlotte, were saved “from the hands of rabbit catchers in their own home.” After arriving in their new home, the rabbits immediately bond with Bailey, who is “very kind” and loves them.

“The rabbits always share food with Bailey and he even steals hay from them,” he added. He also gives them vigorous baths via loving dog licks!

“While the rabbits are still living with their mother, Bailey has been caring for them since the day they were born, Taras added. This beautiful story from the day they were born is documented on our channel.”

Learn more about Bailey and his bunny babies on his YouTube channel.