Deaf Puppy Has Been Adopted By Deaf Man And Teaches Him Sign Language

Nick Abbott, 31, is deaf. Nick suddenly saw Emerson on the NFR main Facebook page, a 12-year-old hearing-impaired puppy at his state’s local animal shelter, while checking his Facebook page some time ago. .. “I said,’Oh, he’s also deaf,'” the 31-year-old told WABITV at the end of last month. “Maybe I can check it to see what it is.”

Sweet Black Lub Mix was rescued and taken to the North Florida rescue team in Maine. The puppy has an infection, seizures and has been hospitalized for some time, but may be adopted after recovery. “Emmerson is still looking for his eternal home,” NFR Maine Lindsay Powers said on Facebook in March. “Share, this cute boy deserves his own home forever!”

Abbott sent an application through Emerson to arrange a meeting to meet! “He came right next to the door and immediately sat at my feet and stayed there,” Abbott told the news channel. “So I know he chose me for some reason, and I thought we would soon get along and understand each other.”

Emerson is now his beloved. I found a beautiful house nearby. Both face the same problem, so they have a very special bond. Abbott is currently teaching little Emerson to respond to visual commands such as sign language.

According to Abbott, dogs “sit down, come here” and “lie down” to understand the visual commands. “Our connection is great,” Abbott told WABITV. “We’re doing very well. I think it should be. He’s special.” Watch the inspiring story of Emerson and Abo in the video below!