Deaf man adopts deaf pup and teaches commands using sign language

A puppy named Emerson and his sisters ended up in a dirty shelter at just six weeks old. Thankfully, they got into custody a few days later, but things didn’t get any better for Emerson.

He was hospitalized quickly when he began receiving seizures, and was later diagnosed with the parvo virus. Thankfully, he caught himself in the early stages and little Emerson survived.

In March, Maine, a guard dog-based rescue, posted about Emerson in hopes of finding him a home forever. They clarified that Emerson is deaf and damaged by sight, and while it is not known if he was born that way or if it was the result of seizures, it does not seem to bother him much!

Emerson does not know that he is different from other boys and still behaves well. He’s great with dogs, cats and other kids, and likes to go for car rides. Now he only needed someone to adopt him.

That’s when Nick Abbott saw the post about Emerson on Facebook and decided to meet him.

Abbott is also deaf, so they both already had something in common.
Two days later, the two met and hit him immediately.

He came towards me at the door and immediately sat down at my feet and stood there. So you can say he chose me. And I knew right then and there that we would socialize and understand each other quite well.

Since Abbott is deaf, he already knows the sign language he used to command Emerson. Emerson has already learned to sit down, which is the letter “s” in sign language. He has also learned “lying down,” which is a hand cleansing in a straight line.


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