Deaf dog becomes Source Of Joy for dying patients

George Wilson is a 3-year-old deaf Bulldog who has become a source of joy for the dying patients at a hospice facility in Australia. George is a naturally gifted palliative care dog who is able to sense the emotional needs of exhausted patients and comfort them with his soothing presence and unconditional love!

Owner Jai Wilson, who runs a local rescue for deaf dogs, believes that battling an all-consuming sickness can be the most soul-crushing time for any human being. Jai has lost both her parents to cancer, and this made her realize the importance of therapy dogs in the lives of dying patients.

While raising George, Jai was amazed by his natural instincts toward making people happy. The empathetic dog soon started visiting the residents at Port Kembla Hospital and became the only source of joy for the suffering patients. Even without training, George has been cheering the patients in hospice care for 2 years now!

Jai is aware that many people still don’t want to give deaf dogs a chance. She hopes that George’s purposeful life changes the negative perception toward disabled dogs. This video shows how George spreads smiles in the hospital throughout the day. Let’s get the word out and request a therapy dog for every hospice facility!

Click the video below to watch George’s inspiring story and how it has changed the lives of the dying patients!

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