Dating Parts Are Tricky, But How Does It Feel To Date A Horse Girl?

Dating scenes are difficult. try hard.And while there are lots of fish out in that sea, the not-so-rare equestrian girl is a special species.  It takes a special, patient guy who is not a part of that horse world to have the kind of understanding required when he cannot make his way into the truck because her tack is in the front seat and the floor and the back seat.

Did I mention patience? And if you’re thinking of living with one of these girls (God bless you), here are a few things you should know.

-When you see mixed laundry, do not be alarmed, do not be angry, and accept it.

-No one is shopping at home, alone, most food is for horses.

-Car smells strange? it’s okay! There may be miniature horses in the back seat.

Do you have any plans? Do you want to go out and watch a game with your friends? never! You have to help her with her horse gear. Here are some of them! There are many more and it’s not difficult at all to practice if you have the patience to keep going.

Watch the fun video to learn more!