Daring Baby Loves to Walk her Two Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers Jack and Minnie have been on the move since they welcomed Baby E into the family. The little girl is like a ray of sunshine for the Abbott family, and Jack and Minnie spend most of their time playing with the little one.

Baby E is around 16 months old in this video and she has just begun walking confidently. The little girl is a budding explorer and she loves strolling around to discover new things. So when she observed her parents taking Jack and Minnie for their afternoon walk, she knew she had to try it too!

In this clip, we see Baby E sneaking out with Jack and Minnie and boldly “taking” them for their afternoon walk. The whole thing happens so quickly that her parents aren’t able to stop her. But when they notice her strong command over the dogs, they can’t help but be impressed at Baby E’s solid bond with her dogs!

Dogs are significantly heavier than babies, but they walk gently along with it to respond to its easy gait. As for Baby E, she already knows that dogs are her family and that makes her fearless when it comes to dealing with her furry siblings! We’ve watched this many times now and the brevity of this trio beats us every time!


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