Dad Sleeps On The Couch Downstairs With His Older Dog To Keep Him Comfortable

Spike was once a very energetic dog, but now has trouble going out for a walk or exploring the house, let alone climbing stairs. And it’s the worst for a 14-year-old English springer spaniel who used to sleep in a loving parent’s room. But each of us will do everything to make our dog happy, and Spike’s family is no exception.

Since Catherine Morris adopted Spike nine years ago, springer spaniel has become very attached to her and her family. So glad he was adopted, the then five-year-old dog loved his people so much that he couldn’t even survive the night without them. So Spike slept comfortably in his family bedroom.

“The very first night we had him, we closed the stair gate and went to sleep,” Catherine explained to The Dodo. “But then a few minutes later, we heard him jump through the gate in the dark and trot over to my parents’ room and into bed! And that’s where he’s been sleeping ever since.”

But now that Spike is old and sick, things are a little different. The dog suffers a second stroke within a few weeks and while things don’t seem right, Spike is a fighter as usual and he is determined to recover. Nevertheless, he needs a lot of rest because he can hardly walk. But his beloved family does everything in their power to make Spike comfortable.

Since climbing the stairs to sleep where he used to is just a memory, Catherine’s dad devised an adorable plan, just to make sure their dog didn’t feel lonely. Spike now has a very comfortable bed downstairs, but with such a loving family, he won’t sleep alone a night because the family take turns to keep him company.

So, while visiting family, Catherine was surprised to learn that her father was sleeping on the sofa, with Spike.

“They are completely inseparable,” said the young woman. “My dad calls him ‘old bean’, and he always talks about him. He will also bring water and food to Spike on the couch and hand feed him so he can take medicine and maintain his strength. We love our old bean so much and we are so glad to have him in our lives! ”