Cute Footage of a Tiny Puppy Giving Some Love to a Huge Horse!

Look at this footage that might seem like too cute for words as a little puppy gives some love to its new friend….a horse of course.

Love and friendship knows no species, and this adorable duo is out to prove that.

Instead of the teacup Pekingese pup being scared of the giant animal that is more than ten times his size, he instantly felt safe with him.

When Vily is held up to Tristian, he gives her a gentle head rub, and Vily returns the love by licking his face and giving him kisses on his forehead.

Tristian’s owner says he is a friendly horse who loves people and other animals, and that was made clear when he met Vily.

While I was visiting the Horse Centre a friend of mine wanted to introduce her horse to Vily and a friendship was born between the horse and the dog,” Bocevski said. They are friends now.

Vily is owner, Zile Bocevski, says he received him as a birthday gift from a friend.

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