Cute Cat Saying “Well, Hi” In A Thick Southern Accent and People Can’t Stop Watching

A cat’s unique greeting has gone viral because of his very obvious Southern accent. The cat, named Gambino, appears to mouth a distinct “Well, hi” every time he meows. And it totally sounds like a greeting from a Southern gentleman with a thick accent!

In this video shared by Gambino’s owner, we see him in his usual playful self as he skips around the kitchen. The owner follows Gambino while the smart cat hides behind the fridge. Gambino knows that his owner will find him eventually, so he waits patiently.

When the owner finally reaches the fridge, we see Gambino peek out and sneak a glance. He finally pops out from behind the fridge and meows at his owner. Needless to say, the cute Southern accent makes it sound like “Well, hi”, and everyone on the internet lost it over this uncanny meow!

Gambino lives with his feline sibling, Tom Petty, and is said to be one outgoing cat. His owner has even got him a GPS-infused tracker on his collar to keep track of his many adventures. We have already watched this video over and over and still can’t get over Gambino’s amazing accent!

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