Cute Baby Tries to Teach Dog to sit Down, but the Opposite Happens Dog makes Baby Sit

Baby Joslyn loves the company of her Labradoodle sister, Khloe. Whenever her parents begin training Khloe with some basic commands, Joslyn jumps in too. She tries to copy her parents and make sure that Khloe learns her commands well.

In this video, we see Joslyn training Khloe with the “sit” command. She mumbles “sit” in gibberish, and Khloe immediately sits. This makes Joslyn very happy as it assures her that her doggie sibling understands her. However, she has absolutely no idea what Khloe has in mind next!

Just when Joslyn approaches Khloe again, the sweet dog paws at her head and makes her sit down too! Joslyn is startled, and stares at her mom in disbelief. As for Khloe, she just wanted to be a nice big sister and “train” Joslyn with some handy commands of her own!

Khloe and Joslyn’s “sit” training is sure to become a heartwarming memory for both of them. Joslyn is indeed lucky to have such a smart and caring doggie sibling by her side while growing up. We wish them many more happy and fun memories together!


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