Cute Baby Elephant Get Frustrated After Following a Dog

“Elephant Nature Park” in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a heavenly abode for the recovery and rehabilitation of rescued elephants, dogs, cats, and buffaloes, among other animals. The park offers tours to the visitors who wish to closely observe the lives of the animals living freely in the sanctuary.

Recently, tourists were in luck when they noticed an adorable play-date between a baby elephant and a cheeky dog. In this video recorded by one of the visitors, we see the dog continuously coaxing the baby elephant to compete with him in a game of chase. The innocent baby elephant joins in and starts chasing the dog animatedly.

Soon, it is clear that the bulky baby elephant cannot keep up with the swift and agile dog. After repeated tries, the frustrated elephant is forced to concede defeat. But the dog is so happy to win that he boldly taunts the baby elephant for being the loser! The poor elephant is heartbroken and immediately throws a whiny fit at the dog’s teasing antics!

The baby elephant looks so cute as he stomps his feet and swings his trunk in fury. He even runs to his mama to tell on his furry friend’s sneering behavior. The caretakers say that the baby elephant and the dog share the most affectionate bond with each other, but they never miss a chance to squabble like siblings. What a lively duo!

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