Cow Becomes Foster Mother For Orphan Foal

Happiness continued with sadness after the foal, which had lost its mother at the age of eight days, was augmented by cows. The stranded foal Thomas and the dairy cow Rusty made an amazing bond on their ranch in Gory, Wexford, after a disastrous start in Thomas’ young life.

Pureblood and dairyman Des Devereux said that during the first 7-8 days, “everything was great and very clear.” Tragically, on the 8th day we lost the mare . “We had to go to work right away to find a foster parent,” he said.

“We quickly found it and made a lot of effort to make it work, but after a few days it turned out not to work. So we kept doing that until we found another mare, again he [the foal] was ready, but that just didn’t happen. At this point, they were desperate to come up with an answer, so they checked and the pair was quickly strengthened. “It was so easy that they never looked back,” he added. “There are no digestive problems and the foal is well cared for.

” These are desperate times and keep the horse alive because it didn’t work the other way around (in foster mares). It was a desperate step towards. “Fortunately he said he didn’t have to try this. “We have never lost a mare in this late stage, so we had to thank God for it working,” he said. “It’s really great to have a race spectator behind it.”

Apart from that, there’s a bit of a lazy difference in using a mare of encouragement … “The biggest problem is cow dung. There are big brown spots on it, “he laughed. “As long as he keeps sucking away, that’s what matters! We are just taking each day at a time.”