Courageous Dog Chases Down Giant Mountain Lion To Protect His Family

The fearless dog risked his life to protect his family after a “giant mountain lion” raided their backyard. A brave dog named Rocky was just like a rock and did not back down when confronted with a dangerous wild cat. Unfortunately, the dog had to pay the price because he was seriously injured in the encounter with the wild animal. Luckily, Rocky was eventually survived as he was rescued by the family he was trying to protect.

A few days ago, Mary Padres of La Verne, California, heard two family dogs barking loudly, so she went out to investigate. But the woman still couldn’t believe it when she realized there was a mountain lion in the backyard. The feral cat ignored the two dogs, until the smaller dog – Rocky – started chasing him from the property.

“I was astonished as soon as I saw it,” the woman explained in an interview with ABC7, “I shouted, ‘Mountain Lion!’ The beast looked at me directly. It was big.”

The brave Rocky wanted to show everyone that you don’t have to be too big to be a hero, and he went on to chase the mountain lion up the hill near their home. Thanks to Rocky’s incredible courage, the wild cat got lost in the bush, but the dog was seriously injured as a result.

The heroic dog was taken to the vet and is now out of danger, but it required nearly three dozens stitches to close the wounds. The whole family is very proud of a dog who is willing to sacrifice his lives to protect them.


“He went to see that mountain cat to make sure I was okay,” Mary said. “He fought for us and he is our family, so we won’t let that cat take him.”

Dramatic footage was captured by surveillance cameras. Here is the video: