Couple Finds Pitbull in their Truck and he doesn’t want leave them

A couple was walking to their truck after yoga class. When they opened up the truck door to put their yoga mats in the back, a stray Pit Bull came out of nowhere and jumped inside. It was truly the strangest thing. He seemed so content to be inside the truck with the AC on full blast. So, the couple did what most dog lovers would, they took him home.

When they got home, though, he refused to get out of their truck. It took two hours and lots of food options but they managed to coax the dog out.

The Pit, they later named Buddy, hopped onto one of their couches and fell asleep. The couple said he slept for ages as if he hadn’t slept in ages! Poor boy.

They were falling head over paws in love with Buddy and were secretly wishing he didn’t belong to anyone. But they did the right thing and filed a report. After waiting it out, they got the news that no owner was looking for him. They were thrilled!

Soon after, as they were falling even deeper in love with Buddy, he took off after a wild animal and went missing. The couple was devastated. They put up posters and made calls. They went to shelter after shelter searching for Buddy.

Finally, good news came. One of the shelters returned their call, claiming they had Buddy. To say they were excited was a gross understatement. They couldn’t get to him fast enough! Buddy was safe and sound.

Now home, Buddy’s parents realized just how much they really loved this dog. And there was no way they were ever letting him out of their sight again! This family was truly meant to be!

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