Country Singer Jason Aldean And Wife Adopt Adorable Puppy From Stray Rescue Of St. Louis

Country singer Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany have welcomed a new baby boy to their family, but this time it is not a human.

The furry addition was found in a drain pipe with his nine siblings on a very hot day in St. Louis. Thankfully, the Stray Rescue of St. Louis was able to rescue them all.

They hilariously and very fittingly named the puppies after the weather: Hot Air Ballon, Hot Topic, Hot Tamale, Hot Toddy, Hot Chocolate, Hot Potato, Hot Pepper, Hot Pocket, Hot Box Cookie, and last but not least, Hot Damn.


Hot Damn, the smallest of the litter, was the last puppy out and gave rescuers the hardest time. He sat in the middle of the pipe, staring at rescuers before lying down and going to sleep.

Hot Damn may have been the last one rescued, but he’s one of the first adopted – and into a very awesome family!

While Jason Aldean and Brittany were in St. Louis for Aldean’s concert, the puppies’ fosters brought the pups to meet the Aldean’s backstage.


When the Aldean’s saw Hot Damn, they fell in love with him and knew right away that they wanted to adopt him.

Brittany has since posted a photo of her and their new addition to her Instagram page, stating that they have yet to choose a name for him.

Seven of his siblings are still waiting for forever page! Check out Stray Rescue of St. Louis if you’re interested in adopting them, or any of their other rescues!

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