Cockatoo Introduces and Barks at her Canine Friend

“It simply came to our notice then. In fact, most larger birds can imitate the sounds and phrases they hear most often in their family. Take for example Einstein the talking parrot. That bird is so advanced in his communication skills, he can search for his favorite foods like popcorn and pizza, he can shower his owner with love words, he can even sing garden poems.

Maybe not all parrots are like the good old Einstein, but most of them are able to mimic the sounds of other animals. And if they are accustomed to another pet at home, they will surely learn their language in order to communicate with it!

Raki here is just a distant relative of Einstein and she has lived with her people for the last 31 years. When they brought home Chou Chou pooch, the bird gave its best intention of learning the dog’s language because this is a new family member and communication is essential. The two have been married for the past two years as Chou Chou has been around and Brandy has become a kind of expert in the language of dogs.

Whenever Brandy wants to get attention from her friend, she approaches the dog carefully and holds her beak. When that doesn’t work, it takes you to a whole new level – bark at Chou Chou!

We can’t say if Chou Chou understands Brandy’s bark. But they seem to be doing well now. ”

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