Cat Wants to Play but Bulldog is Heavy Sleeping

Cats and dogs can be socialized if they are properly socialized and bonded. The couple in the latest animal video to get the internet out of the storm is proving that dogs and cats can be best friends

Bulldog just wants to take a nap, but his pet friend has other plans to play. Kitty is ready for game time, but she’s more interested in an afternoon nap. This means that the cute cat takes things in its paws.

She hangs over the dog, walking a little, and then she even gets closer and closer. She looks at him and thrives, she pulls him gently. She has to think, Wtf, he is really hard to wake up!
These two often share the same bed for naps but this cat seems to be having a hard getting their canine pal to wake up!

Her next step will be sewing. The cat literally rolls over on its back, as if praying for its sides to rise and shine.

When that fails, the dog doesn’t let go. She curls right next to the puppy and gently touches his neck. Look while this beautiful kitten doesn’t stop at anything to get a friend of hers to be up and on the move.

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