Cat love this dog but he doesn’t pay attention

There’s an old saying that dogs and cats just can’t get along, but times have changed. There are millions of pooches and kitties who form everlasting friendships. Some of those friendships might take time to get going, but eventually, they get there. That’s the case of the dog and cat in this story. One of them wants a relationship and the other just isn’t into it.

With her adorable face, tender paws, and coaxing ways, a tiny kitten is determined to get an older dog to be her best friend.

As the dog sits in place, suddenly the precious kitten puts her paws on his chest and starts to knead him and perform a feline massage! The dog’s face, in response, is a riot.

This cat thought that if she gave this golden retriever a massage, he’d love her back. Unfortunately, he didn’t fall for her charm and completely ignored her when she tried to give him a peck on the lips.

We aren’t sure if he’s bored, over it, or just plain wanting to eat a treat instead.

When that move doesn’t work, the kitten appears to try and hug the dog, with her two sweet paws outstretched near his neck.

This is a classic friendship waiting to happen. Watch below for the sweetest antics.

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