Butcher Shop Leave Leftovers For Stray Dogs To Have Something To Eat

A cute video showing a gathering of homeless dogs grabbing an extra in a butcher shop fills the hearts of the creature’s loved ones. In the video, there is a pile of raw poultry bones in a cardboard box on the outside sidewalk. Individually, the canines will probably grab the container and bone.

But it’s amazing to see how polite all dogs are. Something similar to an old golden retriever gradually walks to the suitcase and gets the bones before walking slowly. The dog looks silent and writhes when approaching. Another is willing to swing his tail as if he couldn’t accept good luck.

This video appears to have been first screened through the Online Media Director in March 2021.

The TikTok video has since disappeared, but has appeared on Facebook and Reddit. Many observers commented on how respectful the stray dogs are.

Redditor, who lives in Puerto Rico, believed that the lost child was very familiar and communicated with many people. From his experience, he says most hikers are shy / timid and understand how to avoid hitting the house to see random property.

He saw a butcher dividing the chicken’s body. These are dog bosses, their number one choice. Dogs love bones (especially chicken bones). The carcass of a chicken contains about two days’ worth of bone. For most of these dogs, that single carcass is a diet for almost two days. Oh yeah, these dogs are so happy!

Some people have expressed concern about giving dog bones, while cooked bones can crush and cause internal damage, and dying people are kinder and more dangerous to dogs. Some people immediately pointed out that there was one. Samaritans are excluded and are raw. Other viewers wondered if the video was shot in Turkey. Redditor recognized that the box logo was from a Turkish company, so it confirmed that the video was in Turkey.