Bulldogs Push Each Other To Get A Bigger Share Of Yogurt

Two English bulldogs Woody and Holly who live with their mother have become famous on the internet because of the interesting videos they make, they have thousands of fans on social networks.
Bulldog’s siblings always stay together despite the fact that they have completely different personalities from each other. Holly is a competitive girl who likes challenges the most while Woody has a very soft temperament and goes very well with her sister.

Their mom has been constantly training her Bulldogs to learn the art of sharing things. She brings those treatments and instructs them to enjoy the food together while being attentive to each other.
In the video below we will see Woody and Holly celebrating in their favorite food, yogurt. In the middle of the video we will see that Holly gently pushes Woodyn immediately and boldly removes the remaining rabbit licking.

Woody looks defeated as he tries to lick the spoon handle.
Mom has shown viewers that the yoghurt her dogs are eating is sugar-free and additive-free, plain yogurt is safer for dogs and boosts their immunity.
Click on the link below to see Woody and Holly enjoying yogurt together.


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