Bride Select Dog as Flower Girl at Wedding, She is Just Family

Briana Schaefer and her now-husband, Kevin, were married at Stan’s residence in Chicago, surrounded by family and friends on the best day of their lives.

But there was also someone who followed those they refused to marry without being okay with them: their four-year-old Golden Retriever, Norah.

Not only was Nora at their wedding, but she was their beautiful flower girl. Nora stood proudly next to her men, wearing a necklace of flowers around her neck, which made her fit perfectly with the rest of the wedding.

While couples include their children and relatives at their wedding, Schaefer thought a dog is no different.

“She’s my family and if I was lucky enough to find a place that allowed animals, I would find a way to include her,” she told people.

Schaefer had Norah since she was just a little puppy and the two are absolutely inseparable, so it was no surprise to people that she was included in their special day.

People close to me know how much I love Norah and they know that she goes everywhere with me, so a lot of people already asked me if she was going to be in the wedding — they figured she would be,” Schaefer told people. They know how I am so a lot of people, they were just anticipating it and they thought it was adorable.


Norah behaved very well at the wedding and even posed for lots of pictures with the couple and the wedding.

Schaf honorary maid even surprised him by placing a herd in her herd. Schaf grew up exciting and was happy to have two dogs with him on his wedding day.

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