Brave Teenagers Jump Into Mud To Save Suffering Kangaroo

Two very brave teenagers in Australia are celebrated as heroes after saving the lives of helpless kangaroo. The animal ended up in a deep mud pit and struggled to get out, but the two boys found it just in time and hurriedly saved the day!

Jack Donnelly and Nick Heath, both 19 years old, rode their motorcycles through the bushes outside Sydney when they found a desperate kangaroo trapped in the mud near the Nepean River. As the poor animal’s affairs got worse and worse and it could barely keep its head afloat, so the teenagers rushed to help him without hesitation. But they understood that it was not an easy salvation.

Australian Teens Rescue Kangaroo From Mud Flats. -InspireMore


As Jack TODAY explains, “Nick and I first spotted a kangaroo while driving through the bushes and saw his head sticking out of the mud.” “The life of a kangaroo was important to us, so we went out with our hands and feet. We think he was looking for water there. The weather was very cloudy and he was really trapped. This is very patriotic and proud of what we have done. If we ever see something like this again, we will do it again and again.”



The boys used ropes to pull the trapped kangaroo out of the mud, and after a few hours their efforts paid off. But the exhausted animal needed more help, so the teenagers called WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue. Soon, a rescue team arrived at the scene and took care of the panicked kangaroo. But first they had to put him to sleep, to clean his mud coat.

“He was completely covered with thick clay and was cold and exhausted,” a rescue spokesman told Dodo. “After calming down, we warmed him slowly, washed him with lukewarm water to remove the covering layer of clay, and slowly reheated him to raise his body temperature and give him a warm liquid.”

Now, the kangaroo named Lucas by the teens that saved his life, is fine and well, all thanks to the efforts of these two real-life heroes!