Brave Shetland Pony Defends A Small Foal From Stallion

Every day in our lives, we tend to underestimate small, non-intimidating, or even younger people. There are some general ideas that are completely wrong about these people. Mainly related to the fact that they cannot succeed, or that they are not yet ready to take a big step towards their dreams. There are many examples in the world of horses.

Many young children who appeared in important events were originally impressed by many of these people who thought they would not be able to perform well in front of a large audience. It resembles a young animal. I’m sure people have high expectations for thoroughbreds that are different from Shetland ponies, but that doesn’t mean that Shetland ponies are sometimes unimpressive.

One of the smartest horses that appeared in Got Talent was initially the Shetland Pony. Probably not that smart, but this Shetland pony in the video below is brave. Animals share some of the same emotions as people and they can also feel jealousy and maybe it is hard to tell from the video whether Tibor is protecting the foal from the stallion or whether he is simply jealous.

But at the end of the video, we can see little Tibor poking his head up when he notices the stallion moving behind them. Apparently he is watching over him. Watch the video and decide if it’s altruism or jealousy. Now, it’s worth noting that standing in front of such a horse is very scary.

You can see the big difference between this Shetland pony and Stallion, but Shetland is not afraid to stand in front of him. It definitely has to be praised. Tibor is definitely a smart horse and I really hope this video gives him the recognition he deserves. Please drop in and let us know what you think at.