Brave Pit Bull Saves Life By Dragging 7-Month-Old Human Sister In Diaper From House Fire

Some say it’s not a good idea to have a dog next to a small child. Especially if it’s a breed with a bad reputation. The pinnacle of this category is the pit bull, considered by many to be an unpredictable and dangerous dog.

For this California mom, her Pit Bull is a hero after an altruistic dog saved the life of his human sister. According to mother Latana Chai, her baby Masailah and her dog Sasha have always been an inseparable duo. They were only a few days old and even slept in the same bed. But their special, unbreakable bond became noticeable when the house caught fire.

A few minutes after midnight on Saturday, Sasha exhibited a very unusual behavior. “I heard a loud noise and asked, ‘What’s going on?’ I heard Sasha cry and she continued to jump out the door. As soon as I get to the door she runs in and starts barking,” said Latana, according to Kara 11.

When the woman opened the door for Sasha, the dog ran straight to the nursery. Then Latana noticed smoke rising from the ceiling, and a fire was spreading from a nearby house.

Soon she realized the danger, and her mother quickly ran into her daughter’s room. But to his surprise, Sasha had already grabbed Masailah’s diaper and dragged her to safety. The family believes Sasha’s early warning saved them. This story proves once again that it’s not the dog that matters, it’s how the dog grows up. After all, all dogs are loyal, smart and cute.

Learn more about this heroic dog and its life-saving action in the video below!