Brave Man Took Skiing To The Next Level Into Skijoring

Winter is coming, and one of the best things about winter is the great sports that you can only do at this time of the year. A lot of people like skating or skiing and I really like it, but We found these horses a lot more interesting and a little dangerous at the same time. That’s skating. As the man in the video explains, this sport isn’t for everyone because a lot can happen while skiing. You have to be really brave and, in rare cases, have a stronger desire than the fear of injury or death.

Skiing is pedestrians. Why aren’t the rates going up? Shall we add galloping horses? Welcome to Sports Ski Jogging. Meet rider Richard Weber III, skier Darin Anderson, and their Derby and Prince horses as they drive through the snowy streets of New Mexico’s Red River at a recent ski jogging competition.

As a discipline, it attracts more and more people every year. Perhaps in the near future he will appear all over the Internet or on television. I firmly believe that ski jogging has potential. Watch the video below and share your thoughts on skiing.