Boy Has to Leave for School, His dog Starts Crying

Gabriela C throws her son, Aidan, to school every morning. Later, she had noticed her rescue dog, Dixie, acting strangely whenever Aidan had to leave for school. Gabriela decided to record Dixie’s emotional reaction to her brother leaving for school, and it’s just too heartbreaking to see!

In this video, we see Aidan getting his things in order in the car before stepping out for school. But while he gets his phone, his sneakers, and his bag, little Dixie sits by his side with a somber look on her face. She knows it’s the time of the day when Aidan leaves for school, and she can feel her heart being consumed by the separation anxiety.

Before we know it, Aidan has left the car. Dixie begins whimpering almost instantly as she stands by the car window and watches Aidan walk away. The poor girl whines and cries helplessly, and even Gabriela fails to comfort the gloomy dog.

Gabriela says Dixie always cries every time Aidan leaves for school, and spending a few hours away from him is really hard for him. But the sweet dog collapses when Aidan returns, and she spends the rest of the day smiling and falling in love with her addicted brother! Dixie seems to be really in love with Aidan!


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