Boy And His “Best Dog Friend” Are Reunited After A Year Of Separation

Although 11-year-old Lennox Goebel’s family have Shih Tzu of their own, Lennox is extremely closely related to his next-door neighbor’s German Shepherd, Bogart, as is the name of his “best dog friend. Bogart’s owner is a musician and unfortunately had to leave for a while to tour. During his absence, Bogart stayed with the owner’s mother out of state, and Lennox was unable to see him for a year.

When Bogart returns, his mother decides to surprise Lennox by taking him to the backyard, where Bogart is also thrilled to see his best friend Lennox again! The boy and dog started crying and Bogart lay on his back to get the belly massage he had been waiting for all year!

Boy And His “Best Dog Friend” Have Emotional Reunion After A Year Apart - Dog Dispatch

It’s clear how much these two love each other. Hopefully they don’t need to be apart soon!

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