Best dog coats to keep your pooch warm and dry on winter walks

Protect your canine from the elements and your home from mud with something practical and stylish
There are the dog owners whose dogs wear coats, and the dog owners whose dogs don’t wear coats.
The second group laugh at the first group for childishly dressing their little pooches up. That’s until the second group tire of mud and rain being shaken all over their homes and cars on a return from a walk or, on the coldest of winter days, start to feel for their mutts as they warm up by the radiator following a naked trek across the fields. At one of these points, the second group surrenders and goes dog-coat shopping.
Before making your purchase, take a few measurements of your canine to make sure that you get the correct fit; you don’t want it too tight or too baggy – most dog-coat sizes show measurements around the tummy, neck and/or chest.
Ensure that the garment you choose will work with your dog’s lead, harness or collar combo, that it won’t get in the way of any toilet business and that it’s easy to wash and put on too.
With a range of styles, shapes and sizes of coats to choose from, here’s our top pick of the best for different weather and situations.
Following our test, the majority of these coats were donated to the charity Dogs on the Streets, which looks after the dogs belonging to the UK’s homeless community.
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