Beautiful filly born unique markings on her head and chest.

Scott and Jackie Nelson are farm owners at Down Under Color in Melbourne, Florida. When they welcomed a newborn seedling named Cocon into their family, they were surprised to see the unique marks on the head and chest.

Coconut was not only gorgeous, but it also had the coat pattern that is attributed to the “Hat Horse Doctor” legend that appears in many ancient cultures. These horses are mostly dressed in white, and have colors on their ears and the top of their head, which resembles a hat.

Native American tribes regarded the Horse Medicine Hats as a special beauty that provided protection from supernatural damage. Only the leaders, the men of medicine, and the warriors would ride these wonderful horses. These horses described the “fate” of the tribe, so they were always kept safe.

In Coconut’s case, in addition to being a “Horse Hat Medicine,” she is also a “War Horse” because of the specific pattern like the shield on her chest. This model was believed to bring calorie victory to all battles!

Coconut has all grown up now and she always seems to be the great mythical creature that legends have hailed to be. Her special marks really make her a rare stunning beauty!

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