Baby Elephant Is Having So Much Fun Taking A Bath

Elephants are perhaps one of the most adorable animals in the world. They are cute, calm, kind, outgoing, and gentle with people. Being close to elephants is always fun and memorable.

Let’s watch a cute video of baby elephants enjoying their favorite activity, bathing. If you like animals, the little boy will definitely brighten up your day.

Video uploaded by a tourist named Klaus Jorgensen. The footage opens with a not-so-young boy happily soaking in a bathtub, and laughing as her mom cheers her on from behind. It is difficult for baby elephants to sit in a small bathtub, but they seem to like water very much.

The young mammal only managed to get out, but the next time it gets into the tub it is no longer easy and, worse, it falls over. But after a quick glance at his mother, the boy immediately stood up beside him. He decided to go out again and get into the bathtub. This time it’s the right way.

Third is still a fight, but it’s done! Elephants kick their feet very happily and splash water all over the place.

After a brief rest, the baby elephant jumps back into the orange bath. This time two blonde tourists help. But our little boy decides he doesn’t need help. He grabs the hose and happily runs away.

Would this elephant be cuter?