Baby Deer Approached By Logger And Mistaked Him For Her calls Logger “Mom”

If you’ve ever been traveling in or near a wooded area, you’ve likely encountered deer. When a logger was out on a wooded road recently, he came upon some lonely baby deer. If he wasn’t careful, his big truck may have run them over. Instead, he got out and recorded the most precious moment.

The kind man simply wanted to say ‘hi’ to the babies, who appeared tired and not in the mood to move. Since they are so young, they are not aware to be fearful of people just yet. As the logger is looking at the little ones, one of them mistakes him for her mom!

You can hear the man say, “Oh my God, they’re coming right to me,” and then shortly after that, “No, I’m not who you think I am.”

Obviously, the little deer thought the logger was her mama and she nuzzled him and followed him around. Once the smile and laughs were over, the man redirected the two back into bushes by the side of the road and out of harm’s way.

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