Baby Cheetah Finds a Best Friend and Debut their Playful Friendship

Cincinnati Zoo found an abandoned cheetah cub named Kris, whose mother had abandoned her after all her litter mates passed away. The zookeepers took up the challenging job of hand-raising Kris, but they were still worried about her lack of companionship.

But the zoo’s “Cat Ambassador Program” had the perfect solution to deal with Kris’ loneliness. The program has been assisting many abandoned cubs to find the will to live again with the help of surrogate companion animals. In Kris’ case, they found her a perfect sibling in Remus, a gentle rescue dog!

When Remus and Kris were introduced to each other for the first time, they instantly hit it off. Remus’ playful and outgoing nature complimented Kris’ curious personality. Soon, Kris’ loneliness faded away and she became best friends with Remus! Although many believe that dog-cheetah friendships don’t last, the zookeepers feel that cheetahs always remain fond of their dog siblings once a bond is forged.

This is Cincinnati Zoo’s 6th successful cheetah-dog pairing. While this was initially seen as an unconventional move by many, the zookeepers have proved that it’s very beneficial for wildlife conservation. We are in awe of Kris and Remus’ loving friendship. We wish them loads of happy memories together!

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