Animal psychic helps recover missing, injured dog in Alpine

Missy Benker was living every dog owner’s worst nightmare. Her two dogs bolted out the front door together after someone left it open. Benker was frantic and desperate to get her beloved pups back.

After an exhaustive search around Benker’s 20-acre ranch in Alpine, California, there was no sign of the dogs. Finally, a day later one of the two pups was found. Sadly, the other dog, a seven-year-old pooch named Bonnie, was still missing.

Benker decided to enlist the services of pet psychic Jennifer Harmel who asked for a photo of the missing pooch. Harmel says the photo allowed her to tap into Bonnie’s energy.

“I could see what she was seeing, because she was sending me pictures of what she saw around her,” Harmel shared.

Harmel focused on a field beyond Benker’s ranch near trees and rocks. She believed the dog was attacked, had injuries to the right side of her body and the left side of her face, and that she was hiding and afraid.

Though a search of the area merited nothing, Harmel “sensed” Bonnie was going to limp home.

Benker opened a gate on one part of her property after hearing this news. Amazingly, 20 minutes later Benker saw dog prints walking past the gate and to the patio. There was Bonnie. She had bite marks on both the left side of her face and right part of her body. The wounds were likely inflicted by a coyote. The pet psychic was spot on!

Although the dog was tired and bleeding, she is expected to be just fine. As for Benker, she says she is relieved and “beyond happy” to have her pack together again.


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