An Abandoned Foal Can Only Sleep Next To A Jumbo Teddy Bear

There is nothing more gratifying than hearing the moving story of the horses being saved and now leading a happy life. One of them is an adorable foal named Breeze, who was abandoned by a mare at birth. Luckily for Breeze, she was discovered by farmers who found him just hours after he was born.

Farmers needed professional help to rescue her poor pony, so they decided to call her shelter to rescue her. When some sanctuary members visited her, Breeze simply fainted and was fatally injured and dehydrated.

As we know, the care of the mother is very important to the baby. So Breeze was severely malnourished and lacked an essential nutrient of colostrum essential to fight disease and infection.Shelter staff did their best to provide her mother with everything she needed, but Breeze was still very sad.

Unfortunately, all the love and attention they were trying to give Breeze was not enough, and Breeze fell into depression and was left alone for long hours, feeding and cuddling with his mother. But the staff didn’t give up and came up with a clever idea to give Breeze a giant teddy bear! Breeze immediately fell in love with the teddy bear and was soon able to sleep next to him.

We are sure that the video below will melt your heart. Enjoy!