Alaskan Man Wakes Up And Sees A Family Of Adorable Lynxes Playing On The Porch


This isn’t the best feeling in the world when someone wakes you up. Especially when there is absolutely no reason for this. But it turned out to be a really pleasant surprise for this person that he was woken up early in the morning by a strange noise. Tim Newton, a photographer based in Alaska, decided to check for some noise from the veranda. And guess what? Seven cute lynx cubs and their mother decide to visit him.

Even so, without a second, Tim rushed to get the camera and recorded the one-of-a-kind scene. The beautiful creatures were not bright as they lined up right in front of where he stood behind the screen door. They never look annoyed in front of the camera. They just act like the porch is their playground.

“I sneaked up to the window and opened the curtains and it looked like a cat. I didn’t think about it any more. But I noticed that he has really big feet and little fur on his ears. Only then did I realize that it was a lynx kitten and not an adult cat”, Tim shared an enjoyable experience on Channel 2.” So the lynx cubs approached their mother one by one and went out onto the deck, right in front of me where I was standing behind the screen.”

“They ran back and forth and pouncing on each other,” he said. “I started snapping.” Wow! What a great luck. That’s great! They’re so cute. It’s cute! ”

The lynx is known as a very elusive wildcat species. Tim has only found some of them in the wild a few times. Therefore, the unique opportunity to shoot them up close from the comfort of his home was an exciting experience. Dreams come true for all animal lovers, especially nature photographers.

“I’ve never seen so many lynxes,” explained Tim. “I was shocked to see all these lynx on my deck. They started playing again. For the next 40 minutes, they all played on my deck. They chased and rolled and fought each other.”

“It’s always nice to see wild animals. I feel grateful for the place I live. I am thankful for taking a closer look at this lynx.”

What a beautiful sight!