Alaskan Man Feeding Large Bevy Of Bald Eagles

One of America’s greatest symbols, the majestic bald eagle is mostly rare. But if you live in an area with the highest population of bald eagles on the planet, things are a little different. Although the population is less than 5,000, Unalaska in Alaska, has nearly 600 bald eagles.

Dutch Harbor is the largest fishing spot in the region, but perhaps the largest in the world, so it’s natural that bald eagles flock here for food. This sea is very rich in seafood, so fishermen always leave something behind for massive flocks of birds. But one man in particular managed to get a viral video of himself feeding the eagles.

A man named Jesse Peck grabbed a bowl full of shrimps and was about to share it with bald eagles gathered on a bridge. But as soon as he started feeding the majestic birds, more and more birds joined in. The result is a very dramatic sight, for any bird lover out there. As in the feeding frenzy, a huge flock of eagles immediately ate up Peck’s bowl of shrimps. At one point the man even threw a few pieces into the air and the majestic birds caught them in a flock.

But that’s not all because right after the feeding was over, Peck grabbed his camera to show there were many more eagles, all over the harbor. The video has gone viral with over eight million views! “Just another day in Alaska” is what Peck calls it. And here is the amazing moment!