After Adopting Their Foster Dog ,Man Can’t Stop Crying Tears Of Happiness

Ann Juan did not expect their first foster dog experience to be so life-changing, especially for her husband. At the time, Juan wanted to add another dog to the family, but they had already been taken care of by one dog. The family was uncertain if they could handle the responsibility of the other dog. Instead of adopting, they decided to try grooming.

Hoangs thought that if he could take care of his dog, he could adopt a rescue dog. This is how Juan got to know Toby. Toby is a rescue dog from South Korea that was sent to a security guard’s house in the United States. He was rescued from the shelter by the non-profit organization Band For Animal, which aims to prevent dogs from being euthanized or victimized by the meat market.

At first, Toby was wary of his new environment. Little by little, and with a lot of love from his foster parents, Toby made himself comfortable.

On the first night, Toby sat next to Mr. Juan and they quickly formed a bond. Later that night, Toby began to show his personality and Charlie began to love him.

The family has become inseparable. In just one week, Toby made everyone fall in love with him. Thinking about how sad all of them would be if Toby was adopted broke Ahn Juan’s heart.

“We had two families who wanted to schedule a meeting with Toby, and when that happened, I just realized how depressed my husband was without him,” Anhoan said.

Only a week ago, my husband and Toby had an inseparable relationship. My husband is a devoted person who always prioritizes others over himself. What is he really? I have never asked for something or urgently asked for anything, “Huang continued. Ann decides to contact the shelter to formally adopt Toby. She and her staff planned to surprise her husband because her adoption of a dog required an inspection of her home.

The team who visited Juan to do a home check pretended to be Toby’s potential adoptive parent. After an examination at home, staff gave Juan a card showing that her family had officially adopted Toby. The staff handed the card to Mr. Juan, and as soon as he opened it, he cried hard and everyone in the room cried!

“I thought he would be happy, but for a million years I didn’t expect him to cry so much,” said Ann Juan. “I’ve never seen him react to such a thing! He’s sensitive, but it was more than I’ve ever seen.”

Ann Juan and her husband said I wanted to know if I could handle another dog, so I decided to become a foster parent. And that’s how they met Toby.

Toby was rescued from South Korea and flew to the United States. Fortunately, he was immediately taken to foster care with Juan. Toby was very shy and a little scared at first, but gradually got used to his surroundings. On his first night, he sat next to Mr. Juan and they contacted him immediately.

A week later, Toby was so comfortable with his family that he couldn’t be called a foster parent. Here he hugs Charlie:

Everyone loves Toby, especially Mr. Juan. Eventually, Ann Juan realized that Toby was heartbroken when he left his family. She contacted the shelter and officially decided to adopt Toby.

Along with the shelter staff, An Juan had a plan to surprise her husband. He was shocked and cried happily. The house inspection staff gave him a card of good news, but he couldn’t believe it at first. Ann made a plan with a rescue worker who pretended to be Toby’s potential adopted child. Ann’s husband was so happy that she hugged Toby in tears. Anne and the paramedics also became emotional.

“Well, I thought he would be happy, but I didn’t expect him to cry so much in a million years,” Anne told. “I’ve never seen him react to such a thing! He’s sensitive, but it was more than I’ve ever seen,” she added.